Production and Media for


ROLE: Design, Programming, Multimedia


Programmed a CNC Machine to produce over 100 different wall panels for 350 pod units, constructed for the Texas A&M University campus. Trained and assisted employees on operational procedures and maintenance of the CNC machine. Documented new progress through photo and video.

CNC Machine & Production

Due to the high production rate and multiple pods being simultaneously produced, each containing several unique wall panels, I developed a font for the CNC machine. The font allowed each panel to quickly be labelled in one surface drill pass and minimized travel across multiple planar axis to shorten production time. In addition to labelling, I recycled scrap material into demonstration pieces.

Field Manuals and SOPs

Composed the company’s Standard Operating Procedure, a 70-page document with 250 photos. Designed document in a custom Microsoft Word template for easy future revisions and expansions.

A series of renderings were created for the unload manual. The manual educated and assisted with initial remote pod installs prior to on site documentation.

Design Consultant, Illustrator & Photographer

Located in sunny Jacksonville, FL